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Envy Body Slim (Corset)
Envy Body Slim (Girdle)

Envy Body Slim (Corset) ENY-5
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For a beautiful body shape instantly!

·         Envy is designed to contour and shape your body via natural means.
·         Long term daily wear will help to regain your desired shape without side effects.
·         It helps to push up your bosom, reduce your waistline, push up your buttocks, and slim your hipline.
·         Made from 100% spandex and 90% nylon (fabric with micro-pores for air circulation) to prevent air trap that can cause perspiration and prevent itchiness.
·         Embedded with far infra red to improve blood circulation, helps rid excess fats and prevent body odour.
·         Supports the backbone and the sides of the body.
·         Also recommended for women after labour to flatten and tone the tummy area.
·         Envy corset helps to flatten tummy, reduce waistline and push up bosom.
·         Shapes and supports your upper body posture.
·         Pliable supporting frames (4 frames at front corset, 4 at back corset and 2 at each side of corset) to prevent bulging and support the back bone.
·         Four rows of hooks at front corset for adjustable wear.