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    Ask a few differences in similar words


    Sep 23, 2022

    Who can tell me:, race, contest, game, match their differences (detailed)
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    1. 1.race, Match, Game, Contest
      Five five have the meaning of "competition", but the scope of applications is different. RACE usually refers to a sprint game, such as a hundred -meter racing, relay competition, etc.; MATCH generally refers to the large public game between the team, especially the ball competition; Game usually refers The Lord's game is both physical or mental; competitions to strength, technical and ability, such as: A Beer Drinking; Contest is very close to usage, sometimes interchangeable, but CONTEST is a more formal competition. Generally, there are judges and a few prizes, such as: A Beauty Contest; a Dancing Contest.
      (1) Who Won the 100-ETRE _______?
      (2) The Football_____WAS So Exciting that all the people watching all the time.
      (3) is such a popular______in the U.S.that whenever there is a ______the place is always crowded. rn(4)Have you entered for the writing______? rn(5)Let's have a______of cards. rn答案:(1) RACE (2) Match (3) Game; MATCH (4)/Contest (5) Game
      2.Demand, Ask, Beg, Request, Requestst

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