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    How to play QQ chess games on your mobile phone


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “How to play QQ chess games on your mobile phone”
    1. You can play QQ chess games on your mobile phone according to the following steps.
      The first step, turn on the mobile QQ.
      Step 2, click the search box.
      The third step, enter the classic Chinese chess, and then there will be a small program for classic Chinese chess, click to enter.
      Step 4, then click to start the game.
      Step 5, choose the level of chess battle.
      Step 6, and then start the game.
      Step 7, if you don't want to play, click back in the upper left corner.
      Step 8, if you want to play the game next time, you only need to slide down on the main interface of QQ.
      Step ninth, here you will find the mini program "Classic Chinese Chess" click to enter to enter.

    2. Buy a mobile phone, need smart machines, download the Android version to the Android market, the Apple system goes to iTunes to download, it is free. It is recommended to download QQ chess, connected to the network battle

    3. Look at your mobile phone performance. If you have Android, you can download QQ games and then download QQ chess. If the phone performance is not good, then the brand depends on

    4. Mobile QQ chess to play with your QQ friends:
      If you have a mobile QQ chess client, click directly to enter, enter the table after entering, you can set the password, then invite friends directly;
      If there is no QQ chess client on the mobile phone, click QQ software in the mobile phone. Enter the login interface, enter your own QQ number and password, and click the login button to enter the QQ main interface;
      After entering the QQ main interface, click the "dynamic" button below;
      After entering, click "Game" ;
      In the QQ chess game in the game;
      In the selection of the table after entering, you can set the password;
      and then invite QQ friends directly;

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