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    How to practice fighting landlords


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. First: mentality. Don't quarrel with your brand friends, even if he has made a mistake, you should not scold you (of course, except for cheating, I am here to be seriously cheating.) This is good for you .... You must know When God also has a mistake, a little more forgiveness, more tolerance, a good attitude, and a good attitude to face your opponent with an optimistic attitude, you will win ...

      上Two: The method of calling. Not any card can be called. If you want to win the landlord, I think it will be a very, very important step. My calling principle is: 1: If you have frying in your hand, you basically want to call the landlord. (Unless you have no king, no 2) 2: If you have a king in your hand, you basically want to call it. To. 3: If you have 3 2 and a pair of A in your hand, you have to call the card. (This is a bit dangerous, because the opponent may have a king gun, but it is still worth gamble. Wang or something, if there is no king with the hole card, then you must leave 1 to 2 out of the last, and you will not let go.).

      Third: It is necessary to use the form of the family card to the home. For example, the landlord first came out of a 4, the landlord's home (your home), so it can only prove that first, his cards are neat and there is no single. Second, his cards are also relatively complete, but there are orders, but they are very large. I don't want to press a 4, I want to call you a small card. When you encounter this situation, you either go to the big card and be right, (because you may be strong for home), or if you have a good card, you will also go with the card (the premise of this situation is that you hope to win the card to do so To.

      The fourth: 庖 解 Look at your own card. There is an ancient text "Ding Ding Xie Niu" in middle school. Before slaughtering the cattle, he had slaughtered the cow in his eyes, and it was already shaved and flesh. It means that after you get the card, you should think of the route that may be able to take a license. (This is why you already know when you get a card, you can win, whether this game can win).

      Fifth: Use your card to explore the road. In other words, use the cards in your hand to explore the road and let you know that the cards in your hand are the largest (except the bomb can be pressed). Take a simple example, for example, you have 1 king, 1 to 2, 1 to A, 1 k, 1 pair of Q, 3 J, then I will use 1 pair of Q to explore whether there are 3 K, if you have 1 pair of Q, if he does not have 1 pair of K, then I still have the right to put 3 J at the end.

      Sixth: When the last 3 cards are left in the opponent, you just have fried and do not fry (except for the situation). In general, the three cards are not exactly the same. In other words, he won't finish walking, you can rest assured that he will leave one 2 or something, or he will choose "desperately" 1 to 2 to bet that you did not explode. At this time, you mostly want to Start laughing, because you win the voucher:)

      : When the landlord comes out of about 14 cards, you are "desperate" and you must control him, because he already has already had it The shadow of Heiyuan.

      : Eighth: The essentials of disassembly. When you want to come out of Lianzi, sometimes you have to disassemble the right son. My suggestion is that if you are below six consecutive, up to 2 pairs, 8 consecutive disassembly of 3 pairs, and so on. 3 pairs.

      : Ninth: You will use your card to fight the "landlord". In other words, you can't blindly press the cards with the landlord. Sometimes, even if your card is good, there are many big names, you must bear it a little. When you are not good at home, you will go on. At this time, the "landlord" may not be your opponent: at this time I think you should be happy again, because the winning coupons are holding.

      The tenth: When you want to get the whole level, you need to choose the card that is easy to be tested first. Do not give the other party a message, you have to close them all, to confuse them, they may may I think your little Lianzi is too small, or your 3 3 3 are not worthy of them to use 3 A or 3 2 to manage it. After your small card went out smoothly, they regretted it too late.

      1: If you have a lot of small pairs in your hands, don't be afraid to go out, and desperately try to press the card. Yes, you can rest assured that when he is left, even when he is left, even if he is a little king or 2, he watched your little pair.

      The twelfth: "Landlord" first hit 3, and it is not sure that the "landlord" does not have 3 belts. He may have thought about the order and confuse you, so you must be cautious! Thirteenth: Learn to "record cards" my "record card" here, because I did not tell you to write down all the cards that have been played with your head. You only need to get it through the other two people. Determine what cards they might be left for cards. Many people complain that their memory is poor, but not many people doubt their understanding. This is enough. As for the landlord, how do we understand and remember the cards, this is a process that is difficult to explain, but it can only be unpredictable. For a simple example, my friend came out 1 and I had a 1 in my hand. 1 How powerful is the deterrent of us to our son? In other words, I don't think of the enemy's pair 1 as a monotonous Arabic numeric. I am nervous about my feelings. ), Easy (I have the right 2 that can be pressed by him 1) and it is attached to his one -to -1. I believe that this understanding of this understanding is much better than the simple memory effect.

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question, and you are sorting out the answer. Please wait for a while. We are answering one by one. Please wait patiently. It takes a little time to type. I am glad to serve you.nAsk questionsnHello, sort it outnHello, sort it outnAnswer 1. In the early days of the landlord game, the player's big name should pay attention to leaving himself a chance to return, even the landlord player. Although everyone in the early stage of the landlord game is being miscellaneous, but even if it is a miscellaneous card, everyone cannot take it lightly, especially the landlord players, it is easy to make the card power in the early stage of the game because of too relaxing.n2. The player of the landlord must not be able to play the same card as the player of his opponent's player when the card is released. Instead, you should play the weak card of the opponent. Strategy. However, when playing cards, players should also pay attention to screening to determine that the card she played is really the disadvantaged card of the opponent, not the trap he deliberately created.n3. If the player can't look at it at a glance and don't know how to remove the cards, then don't easily play the sky card in his hand and be cautious. When necessary, the big name in your hand should still be appropriate to avoid finding the direction of playing cards in the later stage of the game but not recovering the right.n4. In the later stage of the Landlord game, if you are sure that the level of the cards of the same table at the same table is not much different, you can go, and the landlord itself will develop a game that runs quickly. Tips are indeed good for games, but too cautiousness may not help the game very much.n5. When fighting the landlord, players should also pay attention not to play their teammates 'cards. If they accidentally disrupt the teammates' card plan, it will be big. Farmers in the landlords should also follow the principle of who hit and who accepts. This is not only to make the landlord's player more responsible, but also to let everyone learn to believe in their teammates.nIt is my honor to help you! wish you a happy life! If you think it is helpful to you, please work hard! Thanks!nDo you have a professional play card?nAnswer 1: Better and play the landlord chess and card game, the mentality must be good, the vertical and horizontal venues for many years, the editor found that people with good mentality can often be high in winning rate, but people with poor mentality always gain worse result. Why is this? In general, the landlords occupy a certain factors, so if many players get the card, it is easy to blow up if it is not a good card. In fact, it can not be called the landlord at this time. Can fight. Remember not to affect your mentality because of your own card, and make various low -level errors during the game. 2: Many novices have no habit of calculating cards and guessing cards. The cards in your hands are like the past cloud smoke, and you forget it, so this is a point of losing to a master, cards, cards, guesses cards, guess cards, guess cards, guess cards, guess cards, guess cards It is equally important, one of which is a gradual process. For example, we can start with the cards first, the cards first, the king, the king, and the 2, a. Next, you can see that there is no card in your own hand, because this is the most prone to bomb, and the card is a process of slowly cultivating. When you learn to remember the cards, you also have the skills to calculate the cards at the same time.nMore 10nBleak

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