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    Score What does it mean


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    1. The meaning of the meaning of the verbs is the score; win; score; line; criticism; to ... compose.
      The noun means scoring; scoring; twenty; music scores.
      This can not be scored in the meaning of the verbs; scores; victory.
      Score's basic meaning is "twenty", from the index index of the shepherd from the ancient shepherd to the toe, every to twenty on the tree, the extension refers to "scratches, engraved engraved, engraved Sales "" score, score "and so on. SCORE can also be used as a solution to "arrears; accommodation; music, soundtrack; truth" and other solutions. When the SCORE is "twenty", there are two plural forms, namely score or scores; scores of a number of multiple nouns, which means that the number is large, not the specific number.
      score means "(the score of the competition)" is used as a noun, and it is transformed into a verb to "score". When the SCORE is used as an obsession, the noun is used as an object, and it can also be used as a dual object. Its indirect object can be converted to the for/to preposition phrase (rare converted into TO), which can be used for passive structure. When used as not as good verbs, often use the adverbs out, up or preposition for, over.
      The expansion data
      1, synonym
      amount is used to represent "quantity" and "amount", such as weight, amount, etc. After AMOUNTOF, there are generally countless nouns, and sometimes a number of nouns can be accepted. This term is considered a "total" or "review".
      The phrase in theamountof (total) can be of or for; to theamount (in total) can be to be on behalf of them. However, if the total number of numbers is large, generally uses in [to] theamountof.
      amount is used as the basic meaning of verb is "total, total", extended refers to "equal, close". Amount is not as good as analogy, often used with prepositions. AMOUNT can be connected to the word to. You can also accept the noun after AMOUNT, so be careful not to confuse irregularities. When making a noun, you can only use only countless nouns. If you can say that A Largeamountof, you can't say A Largeamountof Books.
      2, antonym
      Record's basic meaning is "record" and "recording", which refers to the accurate recording of the material that is easy to forget or proves the facts. Video can also refer to the measuring instrument indication, display, or automatically write down something.
      RCORD can be used as not as good verbs, and can also be used as and proven. When used as a verb, nouns, pronouns, and/wh-as object, can be used for passive structures. When it is not as good as the verb, it is often used with ON, ONTO. RECORD can also be used as a compound object of "AS V -ING" or "To HAVE V -ed" as a complement. Record can also be used as a verb, and its active form can represent passive significance.

    2. vt. Score; win; engraving; line; criticism; giving ... compose
      n. Score; scoring; twenty; score
      vi. Pronunciation: British [SK) (R)], Mei [SKɔː]
      , Example:
      THE ARMY Continued to Score SUCCESSES in the South.
      The troops continued to win in the south.
      . Vocabulary:
      1, the basic meaning of score is "twenty", from the index of the hand to the toe when the ancient shepherds counted the sheep. Here, so extension can refer to "scratches, scratches", "score, score" and so on. ,
      2, SCORE can also be used as "debt; complaints; music, soundtrack; truth" and other solutions.
      3, score "Twenty" solution, there are two plural forms, namely score or scores; after the scores of, the plural form of the number of nouns indicates the number of quantities and does not represent the specific number.
      Extension information:
      Sample words: account
      1. Meaning:
      n. Accounts; accounts; ledger; report; description; explanation; estimation; reason; reason; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interests; interest ; Benefits; explain according to
      v.; Cause; report account; treat ... as; blame (in)
      . :
      we have accounts with most of our support.
      We and most suppliers are purchased.
      . Vocabulary:
      1, account can indicate "narrative, reporting, description of events, etc." or "in thought, theory, process, etc. "It can be verbal or written.
      2, account extension can be used as "importance, value, evaluation, consideration" solution, or "benefits, use, interests", "reasons, reason" solution, which is countless nouns.

    3. score
      noun n. [c]

      1. (In the competition) score, ratio; (test) score, score
      HIS TOTAL WAS one hundred and fifty-free .
      The total points are 155.
      What is the score now?
      Os now?
      jack get a low score on the test. n Jack test a low score.
      2. [Sound] General spectrum, music score; (movie, song and dance, etc.) soundtrack
      3. In terms of; reason, starting line according to
      4. Occupy accounts;
      They forgot old scores and beCame Friends.
      did they forget their old revenge and became friends.
      6. Truth [the s]
      7. Scarter; scar
      i noticed scores of sorrow on her face.
      I noticed the traces of sadness on her face.
      8. Twenty, twenty people, twenty [m]
      9. A large number, many [p] [( of)]
      Hes ben to Hong scores of times.
      He has been to Hong Kong many times.
      10. [Slave] (Drugs) buy your hands; (robbery). He is a success; (In sports competition), (divide), record (point); make the score
      he only scored nine hundred marks.
      . He only scored ninety percent.
      2. (In the exam, etc.)
      mary scored the highest marks on the exam.
      The highest score in the Mary exam.
      3. Give ... Score, give ... Rating [O1]
      professor Hunter is busy scoring the.
      Hunter is busy scoring the test.
      4. Win; get
      he has score success with his new play.
      The new drama has achieved great success.
      5. Write ... Writing as a total spectrum; (film, etc.) soundtrack [( for)]
      he scored many a film.
      He had a soundtrack for multiple films.
      6. Skills on; marked on
      he score with the time with a nail.

      7. Strict criticism, reprimand
      8. [Slave] illegally getting (drugs, etc.)

      not as much as a vi.

      1. Men) Score
      Who is going to score for both size? She got a high score in the historical test.
      3. Handbar; scratch; make marks
      4. [Slave] illegally get drugs and other
      5. With)]

      abbreviated words abBr.

      1. = Service Corps of Retired n1. Score
      score score
      2. Score
      score score
      3. Total score, music
      score total spectrum, music score

    4. Words: score [SKO:]

      u003Cn.> Scratch; scratch; scars; scratches
      scores on a rock
      traces on rocks
      the it Scores of the whip showed on the server back.

      u003Cn.> account; debt (derived from the old hotel with chalk to record the customer's debt); Pay the account
      run up a score

      u003Cn.> Points, aspect;
      No one doubts that at all.
      Retire on the score of age
      due to the old retirement

      u003Cn.> (record) score (record), ratio; (test) score, score, score
      : What is the score? B: The score is 2 to 1.
      : How about the score? B: (the score is) two to one.
      Win by a score of 10 to 9
      to win with ten to nine
      level the score
      There are many scores and good grades; successful

      u003Cn.> General spectrum, music score; (movie, drama, song and dance, etc.) soundtrack

      u003Cn.> (Race and other ) Starting line, starting line; finish line

      u003Cn.> [Single -recurring the same] twenty; (referred to as the weight unit used in pigs, cattle, etc.) 20 (or twenty -one) pounds r r
      a (three) score of people
      20 (sixty) people

      u003Cn.> [compound] a lot, a lot of
      Scores of Years AGO
      many years ago
      I have ben there scores of times.
      I have gone there many times.

      u003Cn.> Naked facts, reality; Truth
      Know the score (or know what the score is)
      n.> [British slang] The upper hand (or a word); good luck
      what a score!
      is really lucky!

      u003Cn.> (bald) with grooves

      u003Cvt.> scratch marks; n engraved on the wood
      the flow has scored out a deep channel through the value.
      floods were washed out of a deep water channel in the valley.

      u003Cvt.> Turn it into the account; write down (up)

      u003Cvt.> (In sports competition), score (someone) score
      score a different victy (success)
      achieved a great victory (success)
      score a goal n kick kick kick进一球rn score a pointrn 赢得一分rn score a gamern 胜一盘rnrnu003Cvt.>给...评分;评价
      SCORE A test (an exce)
      The test (examiner) score

      u003Cvt.> Write as a total spectrum; ; (Video, etc.) soundtrack

      u003Cvt.> [Beauty] Strict criticism; blame

      u003Cvi.> Scratch; n u003Cvi.> (in the competition) score
      will you score?
      Me can you remember?

      u003Cvi.> score; victory; Success
      team a scored aginst (or over) Team B.
      team A wins Team B.
      thats where he scores.
      This point is where he occupies the upper hand (or luck).


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