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    The prospect of the blue ocean market in the blue ocean market


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. According to the newly launched "2008-2009 China Fashion Commodity Electronic Business Research Report" research report on Irai Consultation shows that fashion commodity consumption (here mainly refers to clothing and apparel products and cosmetics) is the most popular product in the domestic online shopping market. Market consumption demand is strong. According to iResearch statistics, in 2008, the shopping transaction volume of fashion commodity online increased by 136.8%from a month -on -month increase of 27.46 billion yuan, accounting for 21.4%of the annual online shopping transaction volume. It can be said that the development of the domestic online shopping market has been led. At the same time, domestic fashion products online shopping is still in its infancy. Although individual leading companies have emerged in the market segment market, the competitive pattern of the entire market has not yet formed, and the blue ocean market needs to be developed by more companies.
      This products have high purchase rates and strong consumer demand
      . According to iReariac survey data, netizens with fashion products (including clothing, shoe, hats, cosmetics, etc.) have a higher purchase rate, exceeding more 57%of users have purchased clothing shoes and hats, and more than 40%of users have purchased cosmetics.
      It's consumer demand for fashion products from the survey data: on the one hand, users have the existence of such products, especially female consumers' demand and consumption of fashion products such as clothing, luggage, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. The desire is very strong; on the other hand, the personalized color of fashion products is strong, and the cycle is updated. Online shopping provides consumers with a more diverse and cost -effective shopping platform.
      08 Fashion Business Products online shopping is 27.46 billion yuan, an increase of more than 130%month -on -month
      According to the statistics of iResearch, the amount of shopping transaction in China in 2008 achieved a high growth. 27.46 billion yuan, mainly because clothing and apparel products have developed into the largest category of online shopping transactions, with strong user demand. Iri Consulting predicts that the needs of fashion products including clothing and cosmetics will continue to be strong in the future, and fashion products online shopping transactions are expected to achieve nearly double growth in 2009.
      The fashion product online shopping enterprise model, the market needs to be regulated and developed
      IRerer research found that fashion websites can be roughly divided into two categories: fashion information websites and commodity shopping websites. Specific classification and representative enterprises are shown in the figure below.
      ● C2C platform fashion product shopping is still the mainstream model of domestic fashion products; rich product categories, price discounts, more merchant selection, large platform traffic, etc. are all the advantages of C2C;
      ● B2C fashion products The overall scale of online shopping is not large, but the current development momentum is strong; Among them,
      the√ B2C platforms are subdivided into various modes, such as in the development of single -oriented products, the development of clothing e -commerce is the market highlight, competition competition, competition Relatively fierce; but comprehensive fashion products shopping malls, including clothing and cosmetics, etc., are relatively rare and are still in their infancy; a type of model that is worthy of attention is the combination of fashion information and fashion products shopping The platform is represented by the catwalk network, makeup point network, etc. This kind of platform closely combines fashion information content with shopping and interactive communities. Through fashion information and interactive communities, users to enhance users to buy viscosity, which also generates comparison Good effects;
      IRE consultation analysis of different models of the development status of commodity shopping companies believes that although the domestic fashion online shopping market currently has various models and different background companies, there are also individual companies leading in a certain field of segments Gradually formed, but the overall competition pattern of the market has not yet formed, and one or more unique situations have not yet appeared in the market. This also provides more companies in the current market and companies that may enter this market in the future. opportunity. For many cosmetics brands, temporary profitability is only due to the "blue ocean" market. Long -term prosperity is the inevitable blue ocean strategy. In this way, in the face of the third channel of the rapidly rising cosmetics, the enterprise is built by self -built paths or seized the path. Any performance is understandable. The key is whether to form the final competitive advantage before the "Red Sea".
      It whether it is the traditional domestic cosmetics sales channel (beauty line and circulation channel, excluding commercial hyper -line) to turn to the innovative channel model of the front yard and two stores in the two -track development, or the strong intervention of Watsons, Sasa International, and the International, Sasa International, Sephora and other international brand franchise store chains, or are the franchise stores and store chain of domestic cosmetics brands that are suppressed by international high -end brands to explore new ways to join the new out of my country. It has been sought after by many merchants. However, for many cosmetics brands, whether the third channel that is boiled means that the cosmetics brand has launched the blue ocean strategy, or is it just the beach ritual market?
      In order to better interpret the third channel of cosmetics, the following is a brief understanding of the difference between the blue ocean strategy and the niche market strategy:
      The same point: to avoid the fierce competition in the industry.
      Different points: The blue ocean strategy requires starting from paying attention to consumer needs, breaking the existing industry border, developing unknown markets, and formulating new game rules. The main purpose is to achieve competitive advantages; while the niche market strategy is The market space is a market segment that is ignored by large companies, or the "chicken rib" market, the purpose is to obtain profitable space.

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