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    What does it affect children at home?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “What does it affect children at home?”
    1. Children want to study when they go home from school, but when they are playing mahjong at home, they will affect the children's reading and learning. Over time, they will affect their grades. Children will come into contact with such entertainment, which will also make their minds off.

      This Education
      In life, most parents will say that they have been educated by teachers at school, and they have been educated by the party in the unit. Maybe many people will make many truths. Although they all understand, the key is how to implement it. Talking about soldiers on paper is a very sad thing to do not know how to operate in the actual process.
      "Ten Years of Tree, Centennial Tree Man". Educating children and cultivating children is not a matter of ever, it is a long -term action and plan. In my opinion, as a parent, in the process of educating children how to be a person, we must first do a good job of preaching and tutoring. This is the most affected thing for children in their lives.
      The tells children how to do it right, how to do it right, follow the temptation, and teach, this is the passage. Activate and affect children with their own good behaviors. This is body education. In life, it is not difficult to see that every parent, whether you are conscious or unconscious, every word and everything you say, is influencing the healthy growth of our children.

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