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    What is the advertising word in Lanyue?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What is the advertising word in Lanyue?”
    1. The advertising word of the blue moon is:
      1: The New Year is a bit idle, and make a lot of money in the service. This sentence can be considered directly clearly that you can make money when you enter the service. The heart -intensive friends hurry up and enter the seat. Ninety -nine or nine or nine is not a dream; What are you waiting for.
      2: Grape Wine Nights Cup, equipment recycling once. Gu Tianle package the largest blue moon in the universe. This blue moon is really playful. If you miss this wave, you have to wait for 152 years! This advertising word also made Lao Hong laugh to suffocate. Playing a game brought out the grape wine, this advertising editor is really talented.
      3: Hello everyone, I am Zhang Jiahui, I have played a lot of play; but in the game, I only like to play with blue moon and equipment recycling; freedom of transaction; when you come, you can earn it. Hurry up and play with Lan Yue together. This advertising word comes from Zhang Jiahui, and has been vomited by many friends who have talked about Zhang Jiahui's Mandarin.
      4: Cutting monsters, two, three, four, and earning 10 million equipment to recycle the second to get the account, recycling tens of thousands of casual waves. Playing Lan Yue, you ca n’t imagine the money -making game, make money when you come in, play with the superstar, you have come to cut me with your brother. Some friends have spoiled. Since playing Lan Yue, the brothers have been chopped by themselves by themselves. Empty.
      5: Da Zha is good, I am Tanian Le, I am scum, and I explore the new version of the ship that I have not been held in the four miles. Love elephant abstinence is wide oil. Of course, this classic advertising word is the most classic in the blue moon.
      6: The real hero, the real legend is the hero I will come back sooner or later, because I know you are waiting for me. I am Sun Honglei. Playing Lan Yue, give you a different gaming experience. This is the advertisement of our Big Brother Red Lei in the play of Blue Moon. Playing Lan Yue can be regarded as helping many big brothers. Really interested players can go to try it.

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